Incontinence material

Incontinence material

In everyday use in home care and in nursing homes, but unfortunately still kept secret in society: we are talking about incontinence material.

For patients affected by incontinence, incontinence pads and pads provide enormous relief in their everyday lives. Because the fear of wetting yourself can be a great burden.

Incontinence material – discreet help for greater well-being

If you or a loved one suddenly experience bladder weakness, many questions suddenly arise:

• What incontinence material is there?
• Where can you buy it?
• Who bears the costs and how high are they?

We would like to answer these questions for you and familiarize you with our products. Unfortunately, incontinence is often still an unpleasant topic, but we would like to make your everyday life easier and improve your quality of life with our offer.

Buy incontinence material

If a treating family doctor or urologist has diagnosed the incontinence, he or she can also issue you a prescription for incontinence products directly. The prescription contains the duration of the prescription (note and have a new prescription issued in good time before it expires), quantity and the type of product.

Contact your health insurance company with the prescription and they will suggest different suppliers.


Depending on your health insurance, you may have to pay additional costs for delivery and advice. Compare these with the costs you would incur if you purchased them yourself at a drugstore or similar.
Example: Basic care via health insurance + additional material through self-purchase.

Products for every situation and type of incontinence

The issue of incontinence can affect anyone, whether old or young. And for each case there are different causes and manifestations.

Read more about the types of incontinence and causes of incontinence here.

Incontinence materials are also called incontinence products and offer support for both urinary incontinence and fecal incontinence. The correct selection of products should be based on the daily routine of the person concerned and not restrict it. These include aspects such as


• Quick changing
• Quick dressing and undressing
• no slipping
• and much more.


• Comfortable to wear
• Discreet use (no marking, no rustling)
• and much more.


• Sufficient absorbency
• No odor formation
• and much more.

These aspects apply to both the people affected by incontinence and the people caring for them.

In addition to incontinence materials that drain (urine bottles), support toileting (toilet aids) or support the functions of the excretory organs (functional-anatomical incontinence products), there are also absorbent incontinence products.

We would like to introduce you to our products:

Mattress protector

The Sensalou mattress protector is available in different sizes. It is waterproof, so it protects the mattress from liquids and is suitable for allergy sufferers. It is made of terry cotton, is breathable and washable at 95°C and can be tumble dried.

Fitted sheet

The Sensalou fitted sheet is also available in different sizes. It also protects the mattress on the sides with special side protection. The PU layer is covered by soft terry cloth. This product is also suitable for tumble drying and can be washed at 90°C.


The Sensalou Pants are highly absorbent disposable pants in various sizes. They can be worn like normal underwear and offer a high level of leakage protection and comfort with a pleasant skin-friendliness.

Chair templates

This waterproof seat cushion for chairs, armchairs and wheelchairs effectively protects the furniture from liquids. It consists of four layers of fleece and is breathable and skin-friendly. The chair cushion is washable up to 95°C and can be tumble dried and, thanks to its Öko Sex certification, is durable and easy to care for.

Seat pads

The waterproof incontinence pad for sofa and bed is washable and breathable. It is available in different sizes and reliably protects your mattress from urine, water and blood with a four-layer absorbent fleece. It can be washed and dried up to 95° C and is also Öko Tex certified.