Collection: Bed protection

Thanks to their waterproof and high-quality design, our waterproof pads, protectors, covers and covers are perfect for the private sector, care beds and hospitals.

They protect your mattress from contamination by liquids and provide an effective barrier against dust, mites and bacteria. This means that allergy sufferers and asthmatics are less stressed and can sleep more peacefully.

Bed protection - ideal support for incontinence

If you have incontinence, it makes sense to equip the mattress with effective bed protection. In our online shop we have various variants that are able to keep your bed dry and clean. These waterproof pads serve as valuable support, especially in the care sector, with regard to high hygiene standards for people with incontinence problems. A waterproof base is used to protect the mattress and minimize odor. The selection in our shop gives you the chance to choose from first-class quality and give your mattress, blanket or pillow effective protection.

Fitted sheets for incontinence - large selection for every bed

When it comes to the topic of bed protection, our high-quality fitted sheets automatically come into conversation. The breathable Sensalou sheets protect mattresses from various influences. This includes protection from urine and feces, but also from blood and bacteria. The protection also serves to create a barrier for mites or other unwanted bed visitors. The top layer of our waterproof fitted sheets is made from 100% terry cotton and is machine washable at 95 degrees. They can also be dried in a dryer. The bed protector in the form of a Sensalou fitted sheet is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified and can be used for mattresses up to a height of 25 cm. Added to this is the diverse selection of sizes such as:

The fitted sheets offer valuable support in protecting a bed from various types of dirt. However, these sheets are not the only option for providing the bed with a high protection factor. Please take the time to browse through our range and find additional documents and covers to keep hygiene in bed at a high level.

Incontinence fitted sheets and co. - the best bed protection at a high quality level

The incontinence fitted sheets represent a variant of protection for the bed from our range. When it comes to a waterproof underlay for the bed, we are able to provide you with a much larger selection of protection variants. In our well-stocked online shop you will find, for example, waterproof incontinence pads, waterproof pillowcases in sets of 2, waterproof mattress protectors, incontinence pads with wings and mattress covers with zippers. The topic of bed protection is extremely multifaceted and you have the chance to use various protective measures to keep the bed you choose hygienically.

Incontinence bed protection - cleaning is that easy

People in need of care or incontinent often do not have control over keeping their bed clean. This makes it all the more important to have the opportunity to clean your chosen bed protector quickly and easily. For cleaning recommendations, please take a look at the respective product description in our shop. There you will find information about how to clean sheets, pillowcases and other items.

Basically, our easy-care protective products are machine washable and are also conveniently suitable for tumble drying. This means you don't have to take much care and are able to clean a dirty pad or sheet in no time and then use it again. Nevertheless, it makes sense to have several copies on site in case of an emergency so that you can change the protective documents.

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